Investigating how immune cells process complex signals at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Research efforts focus on (1) modeling signaling-to-transcription in macrophages using computational and experimental approaches, and (2) understanding mechanisms by which alveolar macrophages are programmed by the lung microenvironment. Our overall goal is to understand how macrophage signaling becomes dysregulated and the consequences for tissue homeostasis and inflammation.

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Efficient danger discrimination is enforced by distinct thresholds for NF-kB and MAPK activation, which provide sequential barriers to inflammatory mediator production.

Cell Systems. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2016.04.016.
View the publication: Distinct NF-kB and MAPK activation thresholds uncouple steady-state microbe sensing from anti-pathogen inflammatory responses

Distinct triggering of type I IFN-mediated negative feedback promotes bacteria class-specific regulation of inflammatory response dynamics.

eLIFE. doi: 10.7554/eLife.46836.
View the publication: IFN-mediated negative feedback supports bacteria class-specific macrophage inflammatory responses

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Lab Updates

Meet Our Team

We are pleased to announce that Neha Cheemalavagu successfully defended her dissertation! She will be joining the Data Science & Bioinformatics team at Astrazeneca.  Congratulations, Dr. Cheemalavagu!


MID Scholar Abigail Sekyere graduated from the University of Pittsburgh as a psychology major. She plans to apply to medical school. Best wishes Abigail!


Morgan Jackson-Strong received funding from the NHBLI diversity supplement.


Sonia Kruszelnicki successfully passed her comprehensive exam for the Integrative Systems Biology Program and received a T32 in the Autoimmunity and Immunopathology Training Program.


First major grants for the lab! Funding our work related to modeling signaling-to-transcription networks (NIGMS R35) and lung-specific signaling (NHLBI R01). We are recruiting!


Morgan Jackson-Strong successfully completed her comprehensive exam for the Program of Microbiology and Immunology.


Neha Cheemalavagu successfully proposed her thesis through the joint CMU-Pitt PhD Program in Computational Biology.


Neha Cheemalavagu was appointed as an NIH Pre-doctoral Trainee in the Autoimmunity and Immunopathology Training Program.


The Gottschalk lab was awarded a Catalytic Proposal through the Pittsburgh Autoimmunity Center of Excellence in Rheumatology.


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